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Situated in the most pristine exquisite enchanting and serene setting of Mother Nature – Gethia.  It is set in the heart of outrageously beautiful scenes just 15 kms from the marvel, Nainital is a Himalayan gem in itself.

Noticeably, sojourned at the Delhi – Bhowali highway is a paradise for the seekers of ultimate solitude amongst the sole full mischief and area of whispering pines and oaks. Forest surrounding the area has a plathora of diverse birds and plants that are sure to make you feel delighted and thankful for being a part of us and the great nature.

Every gasp of clean air that you breathe here is full of life and the cool breeze gives you the feel of freedom like never before.Where the wind blows to heal & the world gathers to this treat. Gethia is the paradise where the body connects with all its cores.

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